Maddie McCann- A Family Production

2008-01-08 0 comments

Talks in progress to make Madeleine McCann film. That is today's latest news from Guardian Unlimited.,,2237213,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11
According to today's article Gerry and Kate McCann have been in talks with IMG and a spokes person for the McCann's has said any film made would help to replenish Maddie's fund.

So, here is where I risk the wrath of my fellow blogger's. A risk I feel is worth taking to express my thoughts. Firstly I want to say I hope with all my heart that little girl is found. I , like every body else has my own personal opinion as to what has become of her. Then again that opinion changes like the weather and the media reports. The one thing that hasn't changed is my feelings on the whole package.

Maddie has been in the news constantly since her disappearance, as she should be. As should any child who goes missing. Her parents, middle class, well educated professionals. The picture perfect family. Donations for the McCann's have poured in from everywhere. Offers to pay any legal fees have been made by the likes of Richard Branson, millionaire. Gerry McCann has said on one of his numerous Gerry McCann shows(cough) how the funds are dwindling fast. The one million pound fund pays for PR Guru Clarence Mitchel A former Foreign Office official and government spin doctor. THE LAWYERS, They are Rogerio Alves, President of the Portuguese Bar Association; Carlos Pinto de Abreu, President of the Portuguese Human Rights Committee; Angus McBride of Kingsley Napley; and Michael Caplan QC, who once defended ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet against extradition. THE FORENSIC EXPERT Dan Krane, a DNA specialist from Ohio. Krane, a biology professor from Wright University in Pennsylvania, has taken part in more than 60 judgments where DNA evidence was crucial to the case. It also pays for Gerry's brother John McCann and sister Philomena McCann and their friend Esther McVey, who acts as spokesperson for the Find Madeleine Fund. John McCann has given up work to concentrate solely on the Maddie Fund. The package reads like a military honours list.

Ben Needham. 21 month old. 1991. Kos, Greece. missing. Media attention was fierce at first but quickly faded. Kerry, 19 year old single mum, had zero support Either from her Great British home land or the Greek authorities. People have made many comparisons between Maddie and Bens disappearance. They are two beautiful children, both from the UK, neither home where they belong. There the comparison ends. Ben went missing in broad daylight from the front of his home where he was being cared for by his family. Maddie went missing from her bed at night while her parents where out having a meal with friends. Just typing that sentence sounds harsh and callous, but the truth often is harsh and callous.

Any mention that it happened at night from her bed brings the sound of 'aarrh, the parents have suffered enough'. I'm sorry but NO. Maddie has suffered, it is Maddie who is missing, it is Maddie who suffered just being alone.

The treatment of the McCann's is an insult not only to the likes of Ben Needham but also to all the families in the UK suffering at the hands of our closed family courts and facing forced adoptions. If your neighbour went out tonight and you found she had left her 2 year old twins and 3 year old daughter alone in bed what would your reaction be? I would hazard a guess that outrage would be one reaction. Social Services surely would be failing in their duty to protect children if they did nothing about such young children being left alone. If Maddie was the daughter of a single unemployed mum living on a council estate claiming benefits found or not, her siblings would be in the care of Social Services by now for neglect.

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