Madonna to divorce

2008-06-27 0 comments

Whats this all about!... Come on call me stupid but divorce is a huge step. You don't suddenly wake up one morning and decide 'I want a divorce'. Guy and Madonna must have been having problems for a while. So why, oh why were they allowed to adopt!

If this isn't proof that they didn't follow correct procedures for inter-country adoption then I don't know what is. How dare they adopt a child when their own relationship isn't stable!

You don't have to be in a relationship to give a child all the love and stability it needs. You shouldn't however bring a child into an uncertain relationship. The couples actions with regards baby 'Davids' adoption have been totally irresponsible from the start.

The Hague Convention unilateral inter country adoption agreement was set up to protect children from  illegal adoption and stop the trafficking and selling of babies.  At the last count there were approximately 65 country members signed up to the international treaty, all working together as a central governing body.

The importance of the Hague agreement goes so much deeper than stopping the flow of human traffic. It ensures that all cross country adoptions follow the same guide lines and most importantly all documentation relating to the adoption is held safe in a governing central place. Prospective adoptive parents must all follow the same guide lines. Applying to adopt in their own country and then if accepted applying in the same manner to the country they want to adopt from.

Ensuring that adoptions are carried out this way is vital for the children, their families and the adoptive parents. Parents are interviewed to make sure they fully understand the implications of freeing their child for adoption and DNA test are carried out to ensure they are the true parents and that the child has not been abducted.  All paperwork crosses the two countries and guarantees the adoption is recognized and legal in both.

All together the country agreements halt the supply and call for trafficking. Adoptive parents will have full medical knowledge for their child and most importantly the adopted child will  when adult have access to their adoption records and true information regarding their birth, family and heritage.

Malawi, not a signed member of the Hague convention agreement. Malawi does have one adoption 'law'. The adoptive parents must be from Malawi or spend at least 18 months as residents of the country. Madonna and Guy spent nine days in total.

Child trafficking and illegal adoptions would fail to exist without the people eager to take these children. More and more countries are realizing the importance of protecting the rights of children and are joining the Hague convention.

It is time to ask, did these celebrities choose their countries of adoption through ignorance or did they choose them because they could take their pick with rapid collection. All that's left now is to see who wins their latest purchase in the divorce settlement.

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