Maxine Carr Monster - pregnant

2008-01-31 1 comments

The ex-girlfriend of monster Ian Huntley is PREGNANT! Maxine Carr, just five years after helping Huntley lie about murdering 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman says she is overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mum.

Carr 30, a teaching assistant at their school, was jailed for 42 months for giving Huntley a false alibi. She served just half that time and was released 2004. Carr was given a new identity by the courts and given round-the-clock protection. She has been moved to at least 10 different locations for protection since leaving jail... all at the tax payers expense.

News of Carrs pregnancy will almost certainly haunt the parents of Holly and Jessica and cause even more pain for them. She should never be allowed to have a child but this is the UK. A land where monsters can bring up children and a place where innocent families are ripped apart to meet targets and annual budgets. Something is not right.

What of Carrs baby. Whatever the feelings are towards Carr her soon to be child is an innocent. An innocent who will be brought up by the tax payers and under police protection. That is no life for a child. You can read the full story from the People Sunday paper here

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  • InstantWarfare 30 December 2009 at 06:35

    Hi. I was interested in where Maxine may or may not be. I found your Blog.

    She was a victim of Huntley too.

    Just wanted to say that. It is horrible what happened, I know.

    I always thought looking at her that Huntley had some hold ever her as Evil Monsters often do