Baby choked to death

2008-07-22 0 comments

The British tourist arrested in Crete for allegedly choking her baby to death moments after giving birth has been named.

Leah Andrews is said to have gone into labour in her hotel room after a night out drinking.

When her older sister and her friend arrived back at the room they were sharing at about 5am yesterday, they reportedly found her trying to clean up the blood.

The 20-year-old was using a sheet with the baby's body inside as a makeshift mop to wipe down the floor and furniture, a police source said.

'The sister and friend saw a sheet with something inside it but they did not open it. They called the police.

'The police came with an ambulance. They opened the sheet and they found the baby,' the source added.

Coroner Manolis Mihalodimitrakis said: 'When the baby was born, it was alive and breathing. After that, someone killed it violently.'

Andrews is under police guard in hospital in the Greek island capital of Heraklion, where she is being treated for heavy blood loss.

She has been told she will be charged with killing her newborn child when her condition improves sufficiently, according to British diplomats.

Police sources said the woman kept her pregnancy a secret from her friends despite expecting a baby within weeks.

The Londoner is said to have two other children who were not on holiday with her. A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We can confirm a British national has been detained and will be charged with the murder of her baby in Malia, Crete. We are providing consular assistance.'

Under Greek law, infanticide is punishable by up to 20 years in jail.

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