Safeguarding Children report

2008-07-20 0 comments

The third Safeguarding Children report from the joint chief inspectors was published on 8 July 2008. The report is published every three years under the direction of the eight agencies inspecting prisons, care homes and other institutions involved in child protection. It seeks to assess

* the effectiveness of the overall safeguarding systems and frameworks that are in place
* the wider safeguarding role of public services
* the targeted activity carried out to safeguard vulnerable groups of children. This includes updated evidence on the groups considered in the previous report, including asylum-seeking children, children in secure settings, looked after children and children treated by health services
* the identification of and response to child protection concerns by relevant agencies.

This report found that improvements have been made across a range of objectives but there are still areas of concern. For example, wIth regards to looked after children, they found that 1 in 10 children’s homes and fostering services are not adequately keeping children in their care safe. The inspectors also found that the choice of placement remains limited for most children and some children feel it is hard to influence decisions that involve them. With regard to secure accommodation, it found that the use of restraint was not being recorded or assessed properly and the inspectors made several recommendations for how these issues could be addressed.

The full report can be down loaded here

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