Slave trade Britian

2008-07-12 0 comments

Is this what we in the UK regard as justice. 14 years old and smuggled into a strange country. No schooling. No friends. Just a life of slavery. Forced to wear a T-shirt with the words “My other name is bitch.” emblazoned across it.

The unnamed girl suffered till she was driven to the brink of suicide. Now 17 years old, I wonder how she and her loved ones feel after hearing yesterdays verdict. Samuel Quainoo was jailed for 18 months while wife Ernestina had her one-year sentence suspended because she has young children.

Quainoo an accountant and Ernestina a teacher pretended the girl was their daughter to get a visa but insisted the girl was 18 and brought from Ghana with the blessing of her mum. Both pleaded guilty to trafficking. Judge Jonathan Lowen told London’s Isleworth Crown Court the defendants were lying and the girl’s 2004 entry “was carefully planned”.
You exploited the illegality of her life here. You abused the trust she placed in you.
This was utter exploitation. She was entirely subservient to your will.

Their guilt was clear so I have to ask, the question, WHY wasn't this child's suffering reflected in the sentences. I am sure if a 14year old British child was smuggled out of the country and abused and exploited for two years the offenders would get far more than a suspended sentence or 18months in jail.

Trafficking is a huge problem and the UK needs to start seeing it for what it is. It is the abuse and exploitation of children and the most vulnerable and should be punished as such. Denying we have a problem and treating trafficking as an illegal entry problem is just going to create more victims and bigger profits. News article

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